Organize Your own book Drive

We need your help to make a difference! Download the Book Drive kit that includes additional information and material to make your drive a success. Also be sure to send us a note to let us know your plans.


IT’s easy to do!

first, design your drive

There are many different ways to run a book drive. We have seen them done as scavenger hunts, rummage sale crawls and thrift store “swarms” in addition to the more standard drive with donation bins.

Choose the type of drive that makes most sense for your group and goals. You may also choose to focus on a particular kind of book that is requested by some of our partners - for example, children’s books are always in very high demand. Set a timeline and identify a target number of books that you want to collect.

second, get the word out

You know how to speak to your community best, but the most successful drives use a combination of messaging outlets to generate awareness and excitement. We can help you with email templates, flyers and social media posts. For some types of drives, you may want to create competing teams or offer prizes.

You should also let your community know that they can donate funds to cover the cost of shipping books if they can’t participate in the actual collection activity. This is most appreciated!

third, collect books

If your drive is a single day event, communication is key - be sure to have a homebase for volunteers to call or visit if they have questions. If your drive covers 2-4 weeks, you may need to create a drop-off location. Be sure to monitor the location and pick up books as they come in.


If you are organizing your drive during one of the official PopUpBookShops drives (when we drive a truck around the country gathering books), register so we can schedule a stop on our trip to pick up your books. 

Otherwise, you will have to ship books to us.  We find that USPS Media Mail is the least expensive. Contact us for the best shipping location.

AND FInally, celebrate!

Once we receive your books, we’ll send you a count so you can report back to your group and celebrate! Please share any pictures with us as we love to share them with our broader PopUpBookShops community!