You can help drive this movement by Sponsoring a shipment of books

You can provide funds for a full or partial shipment. ONE shipment is all an NGO needs to create a chain reaction that makes their PopUpBookShop self-sustainable.

Donate all at once OR setup a regular contribution each month.

Full Shipment of 10,000 Books = $5,000
Partial Shipment of 1,000 Books = $500
Partial Shipment of 100 Books = $50
Other Amount = every little bit helps!

By sponsoring a full or partial shipment of books, you are investing in one of these incredible organizations:

Think of this not as a donation but as an investment. We only partner with NGOs who can support real reading demand and who use the books we provide to jump start real buying and selling with customers.

This means that money you provide isn’t giving a handout; it is an investment to help a local NGO serve its community. After the initial investment of only a SINGLE shipment to an NGO, we can help them run on a cash-flow positive basis after that. Sustainability is built into the model.