Bringing used books to eager readers.


You get us books. Sure, we get them to local non-profits. Who get them to sellers. Who report back on what they have sold. And who pass what they can’t sell on to local artists to use in their art.

But without books that you help us get, there is nothing.

We rely on the generosity and enthusiasm from people like you to collect gently-used English books.

  • You can send us books you own directly

  • You can organize a book drive for your church, club, business or neighborhood

  • You can point us to organizations that can give us books

To get started, send us your idea and we can go from there. We will want to work with you to assure that we only send books to our sellers that meet the needs of their community. Other than that, we encourage you to be creative!

And just in case you had other questions:

Q: Why do you do this?

A: We are a project created by the Foundation for Scholarly Culture. As part of the Foundation, we believe in the power of literacy and in the importance of reading. We recognize that there are special challenges in developing nations that we think PopUpBookShops can help address. We work hard to meet the needs of sellers as well as the local book industry because the right way to create abundance is to create a system that works for everyone. Our goal in each country we enter is to help grow a healthier, sustainable market!

Q: Where do you ship to?

A: Currently, we are working in Nairobi, Kenya. Check back here soon as we expect to add more cities and countries later in 2019.

Q: how do you help sellers?

A: First, through our local NGO partners, we provide sellers with the opportunity to tell us what books they want. They don’t have a lot of control over the books they can get now, so this greatly increases their chances of success. Second, because we work with donated books and volunteer labor, we keep the cost of getting books to them very low. This means that they can make more money selling books with us than they can otherwise. Third, we give them bookmarks and signs that explain that part of the money from sales is used to fund literacy projects in their community. This helps them build stronger relationships with their customers.

Q: how do you help the local publishing industry?

A: We collect information on sales from PopUpBookShop sellers that we share with any interested publisher to help them understand their market better and make more informed business decisions.

Q: how do you help the community?

A: Part of the money from book sales will be used to fund literacy projects in each PopUpBookShop country.

Q: What type of books are you looking for?

A: We are very careful only to send books to sellers that they want and think their customers want. Local book sellers can use this website to tell us what is most popular. Currently, children’s books, personal improvement, Christian fiction & cookbooks are frequently requested. Paperback fiction books (mysteries, thrillers, romance) are also very popular.


A: Currently, we are focusing on markets where English is a primary language. This allows us to source books from markets like the US where books are more plentiful and provide them at an affordable price, through local entrepreneurs, to excited readers.