We get books to excited readers in developing markets.

Our Mission

We believe that the only real way to drive literacy is to get books into the hands of eager readers.

Unfortunately, the traditional book market in many developing nations is too expensive for those who want to read. The local market is small, so new books have to be imported and therefore cost too much to be more than an occasional luxury item.

The best way to end the book shortages in developing nations is to create a market for books that work. And a first step is to improve access to books for the street sellers that are already working.

That's why we have launched PopUpBookShops, a project of the Foundation for Scholarly Culture, in which used books (sourced from the US though donations) are packaged into a kit, including marketing materials, and then provided to entrepreneurs in developing countries to sell.

The PopUpBookShops team works with local non-profits to recruit and support PopUpBookShops entrepreneurs. We also work to support the growth of local industry through coordinating with local publishers to take advantage of joint marketing and customer outreach opportunities and with local artists to use unsold books as source material for their creative works.

PopUpBookShops offers a way to get books to people who want them; it offers a way for someone in need to make money; and it creates awareness of books and reading among folks who might not otherwise be thinking about it.


I believe and pray our mission will be successful.
— Nicholas, book seller in Nairobi

What We've Achieved

  • We have established partnerships with NGOs and booksellers serving Kenya and Ghana.

  • We have a PayPal account that you can use to donate to and help us get more books to more readers!

  • We have shipped thousands of books so far.

  • We expect to launch the program formally later this year to include more countries and support more sellers.